Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Asshat moms


I am so sick of militant mothers who try and bully mothers or soon to be mothers into breastfeeding. They basically tell them they are harming their baby if they give them formula.

Breastfeeding your baby does not make you a better mother than I am. I am a wonderful mother to my daughter. She is fed formula and is perfectly healthy and happy...and LOVED.

And you are an asshat.


Nancy said...

Go girlfriend, My daughter Kristen is 20 months. She struggled the first night to cling to mommy and I pumped for two weeks to get a flow and only to stop again! I supplemented with formula and she loved it. When momma didn't flow again I said forget this nonsense. She and I loved it! I never worried about her getting all her nutrients she needed, all for the better. I still give her Enfamil Next step and she loves it.
Kristen is stong, vivacious and very healthy. So to those who feel a strong difference, your right Asshat moms....: )

April said...

Breastfed babies taste better than formula fed ones.

On a more serious note, my son is currently four years old. I noticed that as the babies grow up, the moms suddenly realize that there really are parenting decisions that are bigger than breast vs. bottle. Just watch: in a year or two, these same women will have their traps shut to them. Their breastfed babies aren't going to be any better than one that was formula fed, either.